Parish Based Library Coordinators

Parish Based Library Coordinators and Parish Based Libraries Linked to Nyarushanje Communty Library and Empowerment Center.

Nyarushanje Subcounty has nine Parishes of Ibanda, Kisiizi, Nyabushenyi, Ruyonza, Ndago, Burora, Bunono, Ihunga and Bwanga. The Parishbased Library Coordination Committee was formed to increase access to library services for distant communities and increase community participation in promotion of reading and creating a supportive environment. The team is coming up with amazing ideas. Volunteer community members have offered space in their homes and pick books from the library for their community members.

Nyabushenyi Community has a reading space coordinated by Ms. Kashemererwa, Burora has a reading space coordinated by Ms. Twinomujuni Franciska and soon Bwanga Community Library to located at Shenga will open doors to Bwanga Community members. Mrs. Lydia Mutebi and her family have secured space for the library.

The teachers and school directors who are part of the committee have introduced a reading hour in their schools and are promoting reading at school and home. This team is so committee, they meet once a month in different parishes. During their meeting pupils in near by schools participate in reading facilitated by PELI-U library staff.

As PeerLink we are glad Nyarushanje Community is embracing reading. Promoting and sustaining a reading culture calls for collective effort and necessitates that we focus on children who will then develop passion for reading.

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